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Vietnam: Going to the Lo River to build cages full of expensive fish, traders compete to buy

Tuyên Quang: Xuống sông Lô đóng lồng nuôi toàn cá đắt tiền, có cả loài cá tiến vua, thương lái tranh nhau mua
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Apr 5, 2022
From Danviet
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Thanks to farming of "five precious" specialty fish, including fried fish, halibut, blue mackerel, anh vu, fish suddenly brings high economic efficiency, improving people's lives. Thai Hoa commune, Ham Yen district (Tuyen Quang province) has 9km of Lo River flowing through. Since 2006, people in the commune have started raising fish in specialty cages. However, because it was spontaneous at first and did not focus on product branding, the economic efficiency was not high.
Therefore, in 2016, the households raising fish in cages here together established the Thai Hoa Specialty Fish Breeding Cooperative to share their experience in raising and consuming products. Mr. Phan Thanh Binh, Director of Thai Hoa Specialty Fish Trading and Production Cooperative, said that the cooperative currently has 12 members who all raise fish in cages on the Lo River in Ba Luong village, Binh Thuan, with a total scale 63 cages for raising fried fish and wild fish. Cage farming, especially fried fish, brings high economic efficiency. This is one of the five "five precious" fish species on the Lo River. Each cage can stock about 100 fried fish. Each litter is from a year and a half to two years, when the fish reaches a weight of 1.5-2kg, it can be sold. With the average selling price of fish from 500,000-600,000 VND/kg, the average annual profit minus the cost of each fish farming household is from 100-300 million VND. According to Mr. Binh, the cooperative's fried fish ...
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