Ukrainian farmers began to earn from the export of medicinal herbs

Published Apr 3, 2023

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Agrarians in western Ukraine retrained from borscht vegetables to growing medicinal herbs. This market is difficult, but promising, profits from the sale of herbs are in three to five years, SEEDS reports.

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Currently, there are ten companies operating on the market, growing herbs on fields with an area of more than two thousand hectares. Herbs are suitable for various fields — pharmacy, cosmetology, and the food industry, Yevhen Shumeiko, director of the Dobrotrav company, said. Follow the news in a convenient format: Follow us on Twitter The demand for herbs is growing, but so are the requirements for the quality of raw materials. There are many different analyzes of herbs to make it to international markets. In particular, there is a demand for herbs with the "Organic" logo. There have been cases where farmers have sprayed the grass with pest spray, and when it was harvested and dried, there was a smell of the spray. It is absolutely impossible to sell such herbs. There is a trend for healthy food, and medicinal herbs and spices are precisely in this area. The global herb market is growing year by year. Despite the war, the buyers of our herbs are the USA, Japan, China, India and ...
Source: Landlord
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