Uzbekistan exceeds the export limit of 100,000 tons of watermelon for the first time

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Published Sep 26, 2023

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In 2022, Uzbekistan broke a historical record by exporting 81.8 thousand tons of watermelons, surpassing the previous record by 67%. In 2023, the country has already surpassed this record by exporting nearly 96 thousand tons of watermelons from May to August, and it is possible that they will exceed 100,000 tons by the end of September, making them one of the top 10 global exporters. However, despite an increase in the number of countries importing Uzbek watermelons, the majority of exports still go to the same six countries as before, indicating that the growth is due to increased demand from existing markets rather than new market expansion.
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Geography of Uzbek watermelon exportsIn 2022, watermelons from Uzbekistan were exported to the markets of only 9 countries, with 99.6% of the total export volume going to only 6 countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Latvia. Since in 2019-2021 Uzbek watermelons were also supplied to the markets of 8-9 countries, it is clear that Uzbekistan has not opened any new markets. Despite the fact that the number of importers of Uzbek watermelons increased to 13 countries in May-August 2023, 99.5% of the total export volume still falls on the same 6 countries that were the main buyers of watermelons from ...
Source: AGF
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