Uzbekistan exported 359,200 tons of fruit and vegetable products

Updated Jun 1, 2023
Industry experts have looked at the export of fruit and vegetable products of the Republic of Uzbekistan in January-April 2023. According to the results of January-April 2023, the volume of exports of fruits and vegetables amounted to US$256.1 million, in physical terms – 359,200 tons. The growth rate compared to the same period in 2022 amounted to 6.5%.
The largest share in the export of fruit and vegetable products is occupied by mung beans at 13.7%, dried grapes at 10.4%, dried prunes at 7.0%, tomato at 6.1%, cabbage at 5.1%, fresh grapes at 4.3 %, onion at 4.3% and pomegranate at 3.3%. In January-April 2023, the share of fruits and vegetables in total exports amounted to 3.3%. Main export markets were Russia (27.4%), Pakistan (20.6%), China ...
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