Hungary: Vegetables and wine in the markets, there is a large variance in price changes

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Published May 2, 2022

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The price of imported tomatoes rose by 32 per cent, the price of brown onions by 29 per cent, the price of zucchini by 20 per cent, the price of peppers to be stuffed by 17 per cent, the price of potatoes by 13 per cent, the price of red onion by 9 per cent and the eggplant by 3 per cent. garlic prices fell 5 percent in 2022 1–15. compared to the same period last year.

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According to the data of AKI PÁIR, in the 15th week, domestic cabbage was stored at a price of 165 forints and kale at a price of HUF 245 / kilogram, the former being 22 percent higher than the same week last year and the latter 6 percent lower. Of the same two types of cabbage, domestic primary products were also present on the market: headed cabbage at HUF 460 and kale at HUF 600 per kilogram. Of the Chinese cabbage, only the primary version was included in the supply, the price of 290 forints / kilogram decreased by 3 percent compared to 52 weeks earlier. The price of domestically grown snake cucumbers increased significantly by HUF 700 / kg compared to HUF 450 / kg in the same week of the previous year, sold. Spinach on the domestic market was 3 percent lower than a year earlier, most often at 680 HUF / kilogram, while sorrel was 4 percent higher at 725 HUF / kilogram. The price of garlic imported from Spain was HUF 1,125 / kilogram compared to the 15th week of 2021, which was ...
Source: Magro
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