Russia: Volgograd grain was exported in 2020 to 28 countries

Published Feb 9, 2021

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In 2020, grain produced in the Volgograd region was exported to 28 countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Latvia, Italy, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Pakistan, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland , Japan, Mongolia, Moldova, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Taiwan, South African Republic, Czech Republic.

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In total, 753.6 thousand tons of grain products were shipped for export with quality certificates from the Volgograd branch of the FSBI "Center for Grain Quality Assessment", including: - corn - 312.0 thousand tons; - wheat - 235.0 thousand tons; - barley - 116.0 thousand tons; - soybeans - 63.0 thousand tons; - chickpea - 7.6 thousand tons; - millet - 3.3 thousand tons; - sorghum - 1.4 thousand tons; - lentils - 0.7 thousand tons; - oilseeds (mustard, flax, safflower, camelina) - 14.6 thousand tons. Grain processing products (cereals, flour and sunflower meal) were exported 122.2 thousand tons. Iran remains the undisputed leader among the importing countries, which accounted for 48% of the export volume of grain products from the Volgograd region or 422.4 thousand tons (corn, wheat, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans). Azerbaijan is in second place: its share was 16% or 141.5 thousand tons (wheat). The third place was taken by Latvia with a share of 14%, which imported 125.8 thousand ...
Source: Zol
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