Spain: Volume and quality in the garlic campaign

Updated May 26, 2021
A good harvest and satisfactory prices are the indicators of the garlic campaign that has just begun, both the harvesting and the mechanized start-up, according to Asaja Córdoba, the province that takes the cake in this crop in Andalusia. The national president of the Asaja Garlic Sector, Miguel del Pino, explained that this is the collection of the second largest garlic harvest in Spain and the first to hit the market. The production for this season is expected to be "good in volume and of great quality", because the weather conditions have been great. More information Marco Román, in the field with potatoes for harvesting. Marco Román, in the field with the potato for its harvest. Marco Román: "The demand for new potatoes is on the rise" Specifically, around 30,000 tons could be harvested, "if the harvest proceeds normally, taking into account, for example, that last year at the end there were hectares that lost production due to the rain, causing damage to the garlic that had ...
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