What is the secret of Uzbekistan’s watermelon records?

Updated Sep 21, 2023
EastFruit experts have repeatedly drawn attention to Uzbekistan’s increase in the volume of exports of fresh watermelon in the past and this season. At the end of 2022, the country exported 81.8 thousand tons of watermelon, which became a historical record. But this year, Uzbekistan updated this record - in May-August 2023, almost 96 thousand tons of Uzbek watermelon were shipped to foreign markets, i.e. 17% more than the previous record.
In addition to the high harvest and low prices for these products, what factors allowed Uzbek producers and exporters to achieve record results for the second year in a row? A sharp expansion of the geography of Uzbek watermelon exports? In 2022, fresh watermelon from Uzbekistan was supplied to the markets of only 9 countries, with 99.6% of the total export volume accounting for the total share of 6 countries - Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Latvia. Note that in 2019-2021. Uzbek watermelon was also supplied to the markets of 8-9 countries, therefore, there is no need to talk about expanding the geography of exports in 2022. Despite the fact that in May-August 2023 the number of importers of Uzbek watermelon increased to 13 countries, 99.5% of the total export volume falls on the total share of the same 6 countries that were the main buyers of watermelon from Uzbekistan last year. Thus, the increase in exports of fresh watermelon from Uzbekistan last year ...
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