Ukraine: How citrus prices have changed over the year

Published Dec 12, 2022

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In winter, the demand for tangerines, oranges and lemons traditionally increases, because thanks to the high content of vitamin C, these fruits help strengthen immunity and fight viruses and colds. All-Ukrainian product delivery service analyzed how the prices of citrus fruits in Ukrainian supermarkets changed during the year. All commodity positions rose in price: the prices of lemons, limes and grapefruits rose the most. According to the State Statistics Service, inflation in Ukraine continues to grow. In October compared to September, the indicator increased by 2.5%, and in annual terms - up to 26.6%. Therefore, during the year, we record the disappointing dynamics of price growth for almost all food products in Ukrainian supermarkets. In particular, in comparison with 2021, Ukrainians will have to shell out a considerable sum from their wallets this year to enjoy their favorite citrus fruit, the price of which in the annual equivalent has increased by 74% on average.

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How price tags have changed in supermarkets According to analysts, the price of lemons jumped the most compared to last year — by 146%. In December 2021, a kilogram of yolks on supermarket shelves could be purchased on average for 25.7 hryvnias, while in December of this year the price is 61.7 hryvnias. As a custom, the tangerine season began with the beginning of the cold season. Especially considerable demand for these citrus fruits is observed among online buyers on the eve of the New Year. It is not only one of the main flavors of the holiday, but also a health charge, because tangerines are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens immunity, and fiber, which is useful for digestion. It turned out that this year orange delicacies in Ukrainian supermarkets have risen in price by 61% and on average cost UAH 71.9 per kilogram. Last year, the price was about UAH 40.6/kg. The more affordable variety of mandarin Clementine costs 64.9 UAH/kg on average, which is 57% more ...
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