Global Market Update of Exotic Fruits in the First Half of September

Published Sep 21, 2022
The demand for exotic fruits has increased globally, especially since the pandemic started, and global consumers look for fruits and vegetables that will provide them with vitamins. Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives dive into what happened in the first half of September in the global exotic fruit industry.

12% Drop in the Wholesale Price of Thai Gold Grade Longan in Indonesia

Thai gold grade longan prices were reduced by 12% WoW on W35 in Indonesia. The wholesale price of gold grade longan stood at USD 20.21 per 11.5kg basket in W35, representing a 12% WoW reduction. On the other hand, the price per 11.5kg box of red grade longan stood at USD 18.86, blue longan at USD 16.80, and green longan at USD 16.17. The demand for Thai longan remains high, but the import quotas for Indonesian importers are tight, which makes it impossible to predict the longan prices in the upcoming weeks.

China Approves the Imports of Vietnamese Fresh Durian and Passion Fruit

The Chinese government has officially approved the import of Vietnamese fresh durian and passion fruit. Vietnamese orchards and packing houses are under audit to ensure the capabilities to export. Currently, there are eleven kinds of Vietnamese fresh fruits permitted in China, they are dragon fruit, watermelon, lychee, longan, banana, mango, jackfruit, rambutan, mangosteen, passion fruit, and durian.

Brazilian Exporters Cannot Supply All the Demand for Mangos for the Thanksgiving Holiday in South Korea

Korean demand for Brazilian Mangos increased in August, preparing for Korean Thanksgiving. The few Brazilian suppliers authorized to export to Korea could not meet all the demand from the market since the quality of mangos was below the requirement due to heavy rains and the effects of the hot water treatment. Also, the Brazilian mango production this season was mainly composed of size 9 and 10 mangos, which did not allow to cover the Korean demand for mangos sized 7 and 8.

Longan Production in Northern Thailand will Enter Off-Season in Mid-September

Thai longan produced in Northern Thailand is forecasted to go off-season in mid-September, earlier than in previous seasons. Due to heavy rains over the past two months, the crop matured early, forcing a stop on the exports to the United States after the first week of September. The quick maturity of the fruit has also allowed the penetration of fruit flies in longan crops. For the remaining of 2022 most longan exports will come from Eastern Thailand as the Northern crop is not suitable for exports.

Brazilian Keitt Mangos Showing Excellent Red Color in 2022

This season, Mango producers in the São Francisco Valley are producing high quality Keitt mangos with excellent red coloration skin. The solar radiation in the morning and a good sun exposure of the fruit on the tree have allowed the development of bright skins, which is an attractive attribute to buyers. It is expected this season São Francisco Valley mangos will be in high demand due to the skin coloration of the fruit.

High Ecuadorian Dragon Fruit Prices Due to Low Season

Ecuadorian dragon fruit prices stood at USD 32 CIF to Miami, as early sales for W36. Ecuador is currently passing through a low dragon fruit season that will last until the end of September. During the low season, prices are expected to rise until higher production volumes hit the market in early October.

Direct Cargo Flights from Indonesia to China Benefit Mangosteen Exports

The airlines serving cargo flights and the frequency of cargo flights from Indonesia to China has started to increase, benefiting mangosteen exports. Mangosteen exports are rising, and exporters prioritize direct routes to ensure high quality by reducing travel time. Direct flights are almost full for September, so many exporters have to choose longer export routes.

Longan Farms in Eastern Thailand Get Ready to Export

Longan crops from farms in the eastern part of Thailand are gradually ready for export. In Eastern Thailand, the assortment of longan diameter sizes stands at 15% gold, 20% red, 30% blue, 30% green, and 5% orange. The current demand for Thai longan for export is mostly for gold and red, so producers are looking forward to the 4th week of September when more supply will be available.

Monthong Durian Supply is Limited for Exports to China

The volume of Thai monthong durians available for exports to China during W34-35 was about 11 to 30 containers per day, representing a drop from the first half of august when the average available containers for export was 50 containers per day. The decreased export volume caused by heavy rains has caused a price rise to USD 7.42/kg. Forecasts indicate that durian volume will increase in November and December as volumes in Southern Thailand will be available for harvest, which will help prices decrease.

High Ecuadorian Red Dragon Fruit Prices as Supply is Scarce

Ecuador is facing a low supply of red dragon fruit, which was noticeable at the W35 farm gate prices that showed a WoW increase of up to USD 0.50/kg. Farm gate prices on W35 stood at USD 3.50-4.00/kg. It is forecasted that supply will increase as the new harvest starts at the end of September or early October.

Plant Density Technique is Increasing Productivity in Mango Orchards in Brazil

Brazil has made advances in the research of cultivation in the semi-arid region. One of the primary advances in the field has been the implementation of orchards with denser plant spacing. A common spacing today is 5 meters between rows and 1 meter between plants, totaling 2000 plants per hectare. With this spacing, it is possible to harvest 40kg of mangoes per plant, with estimated productivity is 80MT/ha. The higher density creates higher productivity on each farm.

20-30% Decay in Mango Production Expected in Sinaloa as a Result of Hurricane Kay

The mango supply of the middle-end season of Sinaloa will be affected due to the development of fungus and diseases caused by the constant rain generated by Hurricane Kay. Heavy rains generated the perfect conditions for the development of fungus and disease. Some growers expect a 20-30% decay in mango production.

Vietnamese Monthong Durian Stuck in Thai Borders

Over 100 full container loads of fresh Vietnam Monthong durian are stuck on the Thai border. The stuck durian will be turned into frozen durian in Thailand and re-exported to China. Since durian production in Thailand is scarce due to unfavorable weather, the demand for the stuck Vietnamese durian has been high.

Brazilian Mango Exports Drop 39% YoY

Brazilian mango exports this season are 39% lower than in 2021. The decreased exports occur due to unfavorable weather and rains damaging crops and affecting supply, and logistical problems with ports and containers. Brazilian mango exports to the United States are improving, but the competition from Mexican mangos remains high.

Fresh Mangosteen Price Stabilizes in Indonesia as the Supply in Sumatra Increases

The supply of fresh mangosteen fruit from the highlands in Sumatra has started to increase for high-grade quality fruits. The mangosteen from this area is known for its good quality for exports. Along with the increasing supply, the price of mangosteen at the farm gate level has begun to stabilize. Exporters estimate harvest supply from Sumatra will increase until November, and then, Java and Bali will take over.

Kenyan Mango Season Set to Commence Late September With Apple Mango

The 2022 Kenyan mango export season is set to begin in late September with the main variety being Apple mango. The provisional pack house price at the start of the season is USD 6.00/4kg box. The price at the start of the season is high but is expected to drop to range between USD 3.50-4.00/4kg box during the peak production season of mid November to January. The Kent mango variety will be available for export in late January 2023.

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