Webinar Recap: Introducing New Opportunities in Global Fruit & Vegetable Trade

Published Mar 17, 2023
In Tridge’s March Webinar, Introducing New Opportunities in Global Fruit & Vegetable Trade, Tridge analysts took a deep dive into the potential trading opportunities in global fruit and vegetable markets, emphasizing the most critical changes in trade flow patterns, shifts in consumer habits, and increasing production costs. Tridge analysts and speakers examined new possibilities and potential setbacks for major agricultural commodities to help buyers/suppliers make the right business decisions.

Host: Prince Yawson, Senior Global Market Analyst, Tridge

Panelists: Stelamari Ito, Global Buyer Development Manager - Brazil, Elton Greeve, Global Fulfilment Manager - South Africa

Presenters: Juan Carlos and Bojan Mijatovic, Global Market Analysts, Tridge


1. Emerging markets in global F&V trade

2. Opportunities for buyers/suppliers

3. Panel discussion

Tridge’s March webinar, “Introducing New Opportunities in Global Fruit & Vegetable Trade”, dived into new trading opportunities in global markets, with a focus on the most crucial changes in trade flow patterns, as well as emerging markets for fruits and vegetables.

Emerging markets in global F&V trade

Tridge’s analysts, Juan Carlos, and Bojan Mijatovic shared their insights on the main importing/exporting markets regarding fruits and vegetables with an analysis of importing/exporting trade values for major fruits and vegetables.

Emerging Markets in Global F&V Trade Exporting Markets

Source: Analysts' interpretation of Tridge data

Opportunities for buyers/suppliers

In this section, a detailed overview of specific products like avocados, citrus fruits, mangoes, onions, blueberries, tomatoes, and kiwifruit was presented. Production trends, price, demand, as well as supply were analyzed with a forecast for each product in 2023.

Panel Discussion:

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion where the panelists, Stelamari Ito and Elton Greeve were asked how demand has shifted for the main Agri products in their regions. Stelamari Ito covered the shifting demand for apples and pears in the Brazilian market, and imports of oranges from Spain. Stelamari also looked back on the onions and garlic trade of Brazil and Egypt, where Tridge had made a breakthrough in 2022. Elton Greeve pointed out the current situation regarding blueberries, pome fruit, and early lemons production, demand, and price trends focusing on South Africa. For the second question, “How can small suppliers/buyers take advantage of the new opportunities in global trade?” Elton Greeve continued elaborating on citrus and pome fruit trade flows and made recommendations for harnessing early lemon campaigns as well as the rising opportunities for new pear varieties in the Asian markets. Stelamari Ito added that “new opportunities” is the key, and that suppliers must pay attention to specific market requirements in terms of packaging and also the growing demand for organic commodities. For the third question, “What are new technologies vital to obtaining a sustainable presence in the global F&V market?” Elton Greeve focused on quality control, while Stelamari Ito pointed out some new technologies in order to preserve products from damage in transport.

Elton Greeve was asked about the opportunities in the grape market, in the Q&A session. He responded that South African grape producers have been focusing more on quality, rather than on the sheer volume of grapes, maintaining at the same time the EU market, while also gaining a presence in Asia, especially China.

Click here to view the recording of the webinar, or click here to view the slides.

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