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W44: Grape Update

Fresh Grape
United Kingdom
Published Nov 8, 2023

In W44 in the grape landscape, the 2023/2024 Peruvian table grape campaign has seen a 119% year-over-year (YoY) increase in exports, reaching 63.3 thousand tons in just two months. In W42, table grape exports reached 22.6 thousand tons, a 62% YoY increase. Peruvian grapes exports reached 34 markets, with the United States (US), the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom (UK) being the top three with 73% of all shipments.

Additionally, Peruvian grape exports to North America increased by 161% YoY, with Complejo Agroindustrial Beta SA and Sociedad Agrícola Rapel SAC being the most prominent exporters. Grape shipments to the Netherlands reached 2.9 thousand tons, 45% YoY higher, with Ecosac Agrícola SAC and Sociedad Agrícola Rapel SAC being the most prominent exporters. Fresh grape exports to the UK reached 1.4 thousand tons, 38% YoY higher, with Ecosac Agrícola SAC and Sociedad Agrícola Rapel SAC being the most prominent export companies.

Chile is expected to export 63.7 million boxes of grapes in the 2023/24 season, a 5.4% YoY increase. The Table Grape Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) predicts that 63% of these exports will be new varieties, accounting for about 40 million boxes, a significant increase from the 23.5 million boxes of traditional varieties in the last season. Asoex Chairman believes this growth is primarily due to increased production.

Furthermore, Chilean grape producers and exporters are increasing the export of new varieties, aligning with the Commission's strategy to make of 70% of total export volume to be new in the next two years. This increase is expected to bring more attractive new varieties to the market. The leading export destination for Chilean grapes this season is the US, accounting for 56.1% of total exports, Asia at 19%, Europe at 16%, and other regions at 9.1%.

The grape season in Spain's Murcia is responsible for 85% of the country's seedless table grapes. It has been producing 260 thousand tons on average and earning USD 427.6 to 481.1 million (EUR 400 to 450 million). The grape supply has been steady with fair prices, although producers hope for higher prices. High temperatures briefly affected the grape supply in Sep-23. Apoexpa predicts grape shipments of 180 to 200 thousand tons, with 90% destined for the European Union (EU) and the UK. The remaining 10% of Spanish table grapes are exported to countries like South Africa and emerging Asia, with Thailand being the last destination opened.

The South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) has been actively promoting its grapes in the Chinese market through its China Market Development Campaign. The campaign includes wholesale market events, retail events, and promotions in various Chinese cities. In 2023, the local grape industry held retail events in Beijing and Guangzhou to promote South African grapes. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, South Africa's exports of grapes to the Chinese market remained high, with fresh and dried exports worth USD 13.34 million in 2022. The industry's commitment to expanding its offerings for the Chinese market is evident in its efforts to meet the high demand for quality produce.

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