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W47 Lemon and Lime Update: Andalusian Citrus Campaign Sees Slowdown in Demand for Lemons, Peruvian Lemon Exports Drop 84% YoY and Mexican Lemons in High Demand Despite Challenges

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Published Dec 1, 2023

Slowdown in Andalusian Lemon Demand Amid Delayed and Low Harvests

The Andalusian citrus campaign report for W45 and W46 shows a slowdown in demand, especially for lemons, due to delayed harvests and lower juice content. Despite this, commercial operations have progressed faster to ensure fruit availability for regular consumers. The European market is proceeding at a calmer pace due to warm Nov-23 temperatures, small fruit sizes, and higher prices. Demand is expected to rise with the temperature drop, especially for lemons, as the Christmas season approaches. Market saturation is less in 2023 due to delayed campaigns, lower yields in the Northern Hemisphere, and disruptions caused by conflicts like Egypt's border closure.

Peruvian Lemon Exports Experience 84% YoY Decrease in Oct-23

Peruvian lemon exports in Oct-23 saw a decrease of 84% YoY in fresh lemon shipments, but lemon juice exports increased significantly. Peruvian lemon shipments totaled 2.2 thousand tons in Oct-23, a reduction of 0.2% year-over-year (YoY). Lemon juice accounted for 85% of the total, reaching nearly 1.9 thousand tons, almost four times more than in Oct-22. Fresh lemon shipments comprised only 9% of the total, reflecting a substantial decline. Despite this, Fresh Lemon maintains its overall leadership in yearly exports.

Abkhazia Reports 62% YoY Increase in Russian Lemon Supplies in 2023

According to the Department of Statistics of the State Customs Committee of Abkhazia, lemon supply to Russia increased by 62% YoY, reaching 158 tons in 2023compared to 98 tons in the same period last year. However, the export rate of feijoa in 2023 decreased by 5%, with 622 tons exported, compared to 656 tons in 2022.

High Demand for Lemons in Mexican Season Despite Production Costs and Drought Challenges

The Mexican season is experiencing a high demand for lemons. American companies are still sourcing lemons from Mexico despite high production costs and drought challenges. As Mexico is halfway through its season, lemons are of better caliber. Chile is experiencing lemon crop problems, leading to lower availability and exporting most of its yield to China. Some companies still plan to import lemons from Mexico until the end of 2023 while waiting for a response from Spain. However, in recent years, challenges such as freight costs and increased freight traffic have made it less attractive to source from Spain.

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