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Tridge is a leading global provider of food, energy and metal commodities. Our unique business model covers diverse products, activities and origins all over the world with 30,000+ Finders who work as our sourcing agents.

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Looking for reliable suppliers at the best price? Here is a list of products we identified the suppliers of most competitive prices through our extensive network of sourcing agents and big data intelligence platform.
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Looking for reliable suppliers of Agriculture & Food products?

Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will use our global network of Finders to reach out to reliable suppliers in different countries.


We collect and analyze product and supplier information from all over the world, which includes retail & wholesale price, seasonality, and trade volume in order to locate the most appropriate supplier in the Agriculture & Food industry.

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Are you a supplier of Agriculture & Food products?

You can promote your products and gain access to more customers through our "Finders". With our global network of "Finders" we are able to cover many products and sales channels in many regions.

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Tridge is a global trade platform with more than
30,000+ local sourcing agents in over 140 countries

We work with freelancer sourcing agents called Tridge Finders across countries who provide us with local information and use their network of business connections in order to find the most price-competitive and credible supplier in each of local region.

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