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Egypt - Fresh Table Grape

HS Code:
080610 - Fruit, edible; grapes, fresh
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Pre-Season Order Information

Quantity Available
50,000 -
Quantity Sold Last Season
10,000 -
Carton: 4.5kg, 5kg
Size: 16-21mm
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Processed Style: Fresh
Variety: Superior, Early Sweet, Red Flame, Red Globe, Autumn Royal, Crimson, Sugarone, Prime, Crimson
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Last Season’s Top Importing Countries
Kenya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
Quality & Certificate
Latest Updates:
A buyer from Greece finalized a deal with Tridge. (15912 kg)
May 26, 2023

Table Grape from Egypt

Tridge offers high-quality Table grape sourced from Egypt.
Egypt Fresh Table Grape - WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-27_at_3.04.59_PM.jpeg
Egypt Fresh Table Grape - WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-27_at_3.04.56_PM.jpeg
Egypt Fresh Table Grape - WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-27_at_3.04.55_PM_2.jpeg
Cultivation Type
500g Punnets x 10 Punnets (5kg Carton)
450g Loose Bag x 7~9 Loose Bags (4.5kg Carton)
16 ~ 21mm

Our Grape from Egypt

Grapes are in the top 5 exports of Egypt’s agricultural products. Egypt has exported 150,000 MT in 2020 with expectations for exports to rise by 13% in 2021. With the present high demand for Egyptian grapes by various markets especially Europe, the Egyptian growers have obtained a high level of knowledge in the production of different varieties of grapes. Climate conditions, types of soil, and product knowledge are the main factors that give table grapes the ability to be grown all over Egypt ensuring the perfect balance between high quality, high yield, and ideal sugar levels. Harvesting season in Egypt for early grape varieties begins in late May and ends in September. Harvesting for late varieties begins in late June and ends by November.

Production Facility and Quality

Our grapes come from trusted growers with the best farming condition to ensure a high level of quality, then it is packed by our trusted packing houses with delicate care and high quality. We can supply different kinds of white and red grapes according to the preference of each market.
Egypt Fresh Table Grape - IMG_20210708_153204.jpg
Egypt Fresh Table Grape - WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-27_at_3.05.56_PM.jpeg
Egypt Fresh Table Grape - WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-27_at_3.04.53_PM_1.jpeg

Our Representative in Egypt

Ahmad Shalaby
Ahmad is an experienced trade expert with a great understanding of the food and agricultural industry. With his substantial knowledge and understanding in this sector, he is able to secure a smooth sourcing process for our buyers. Additionally, his extensive connections throughout the country allow us to present competitive prices for our buyers.

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