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Impact of Late Rains on IQF Industry in Greece: Peas, Green Beans, and Sweet Corn Affected

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Theodoros Damvakaris
Published Jun 21, 2023
Late May and June rainfalls have affected contracted production programs for the IQF industry in Greece. As for peas, the rain occurred just before harvest, resulting in a 30% loss in the field and increased waste due to decreased quality after sorting before freezing. For green beans, mature pods were affected, leading to a 20% reduction in production. The presence of spots on the final product will further deteriorate the yield. In terms of sweet corn, the rain-affected both mature corn fields and those ready for sowing. While the specifications of the crop seem unaffected, the irregularity in product harvest will impact costs and final yield, as late sowing is expected to result in low yields.

The industrial potato sector is experiencing contract suspensions due to a lack of available products to meet industry demand. The volume shortfall is estimated to be around 10-15%, but imports can help fill this gap. The quality of okra has been further deteriorated by the rain, resulting in the presence of black spots. To offset the high labor costs, the IQF (individually quick frozen) industry has substituted smaller, high-quality products with larger-sized ones. However, customers are reluctant to accept this compromise in terms of quality. In contrast, the cranberry sector appears to be unaffected by the rain.
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