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Dragon fruit production increases in Portugal

Fresh Dragon Fruit
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Jan 14, 2022
Written by
Carlota Lancastre
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The big supermarkets in Portugal offer a wide variety of tropical fruits. One of the unique fruits is the dragon fruit, not only by its vibrant colors and sweet taste but also its nutritional value. Although typically produced in tropical countries, like Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico, this product has some production in Portugal, of the red and pink flesh, and very low quantities of white flesh, especially in the South of the country, due to the high temperatures in the summer.

During the winter, the Pitaya cactus is protected with plastic to keep it warm and avoid the capture of all the water from the rain, which can cause the “explosion” of the cactus and even death. Each year the area of Pitaya production in Portugal is higher, and a new exclusive variety is being developed, more adaptive to the Portuguese climate.

The harvest starts in August, and the prices in 2021 were around EUR 3 per kg. All the production is sold to the Portuguese Market, supermarkets, and manufacturers, but as the total production area increases, Portugal might be able to export someday.
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