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Export Blockage for Dominican Pepper Exports into EU Ports

Dominican Republic
Price Trend
Fresh Bell Pepper
May 13, 2022
Written by
Ana Altimari
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The price of peppers is at an all-time low in the local market. Despite this, there is barely any volume to export into Europe. This is due to the fact that since January 26th, 2022 there has been a technical blockage in place for all peppers exported to any European port from the Dominican Republic. To put this in context, there were circa 50 national producers that used to export peppers into European markets - this volume is now available to move into other markets. As of May 2022, there are only three national producers who hold European certifications. For any non-European buyers, it's an ideal time to establish a Dominican pepper program with high-quality products at market-beating prices.
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