On-the-Ground Updates

Fluctuating Prices of Imported Fresh Paprika in Japan in 2022

Market & Price Trends
Yuta Watanabe
Published Dec 21, 2022
Japan relies on imports for about 90% of paprika consumption, so the price is greatly affected by the status of paprika imports from each country. The prices of paprika in Japan have increased due to a lower supply. In August 2022, imports were 1,776MT, 26% lower than in 2021, and in September, the import volume was 1,397MT, 45% lower than in 2021. The low supply made the average wholesale price in September 2022 increase by 20% YoY to USD 4.57/kg. However, the prices fell sharply in December 2022 mainly influenced by enough supply to cover demand. The average wholesale price from December 1st to December 19th was USD 2.9/kg, about 30% lower than the same period in 2021. It is a product with a high percentage of imports, and the market price is likely to fluctuate in the future affected by supply.
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