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French imports of Peruvian products had a slight increase.

Heart of Palm
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Fresh Banana
Nov 13, 2020
Written by
Cinzia Riccio
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Until August, agricultural imports from France totaled US$ 14,369 million (similar to 2019). During the first two months of the year, Peruvian's demand for French products grew 3.2%. However, COVID19 changed and consumption fell to 1.2% between March and July. By August, the economy began to recover and the demand rebound, rising +2.3%, mainly pulled by the manufactured goods.

French imports of Peruvian products totaled US $ 199 million (a +1% growth compared to 2019). This consolidates Peru as their 12th food supplier with 1.4% participation.

Among the products that grew (in value) during this period we found Mango (+4%), Asparagus (+20%), Organic banana (+48%) and palm heart (+129%). On the other hand, the products that were contracted (in value) were avocado (-1%), coffee (-12%), grapes (-19%) and quinoa (-9%).


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