On-the-Ground Update

Indonesian Skipjack Tuna Price Is Unable to Meet Price Demands From China in W46

Published Nov 16, 2022
Chinese buyers are looking at purchasing Indonesian skipjack tuna (species: katsuwonus pelamis) to process into a canned good. Skipjack is commonly captured across the Indonesian sea from the west part north of Sumatera (FAO 57 - Indian Ocean) to central Java sea until the east part in Celebes sea (FAO 71 - Pacific Ocean). In W46, the latest CFR price demand from China buyers stood at USD 1,600/MT, while suppliers from Jakarta, West Java are offering a USD 1,700-1,780/MT and USD 1,800/MT from a supplier in Surabaya, East Java for the sea frozen 1.8 kg UP skipjack. Since Indonesia is one of the world's major producers of canned tuna the local demand is high, keeping prices high.
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