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Local Saleyard Prices of Meat For W4 in New Zealand

Fresh Whole Beef
New Zealand
Market & Price Trends
Breda Van Niekerk
Published Feb 3, 2023
Farmers kept their livestock in reserve since plenty of grass was available for ideal grazing conditions, hoping for higher farmgate prices. The drop in supply caused most prices to start to increase in W4. Here below are the export price trends for the W4 in New Zealand:

Week 4 prices vs. Week 3 prices:
Steer NI P2, 300kg - W4: USD 3.73/kg (NZD 5.75/kg) vs. W3: USD 3.73/kg (NZD 5.75/kg) - 0.0% unchanged,
Export Bull, USA - W4: USD 5.26/kg (NZD 8.12/kg) vs. W3: USD 5.20/kg (NZD 8.03/kg) - +1.1% increase,
Lamb NI, 18kg - W4: USD 4.47/kg (NZD 6.90/kg) vs. W3: USD 4.50/kg (NZD 6.95/kg) - 0.7% decrease,
Export Lamb Flaps, China - W4: USD 6.20kg (NZD 9.56/kg) vs. W3: USD 6.07/kg (NZD 9.37/kg) - +2.0% increase.
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