On-the-Ground Update

Milkfish fillet from Taiwan seeing strong growth amid COVID-19

Frozen Milkfish
Market & Price Trends
Shelly Chen
Published Jan 15, 2021
Taiwan’s farmed fish industry has taken a hard hit from COVID-19 in 2020 in the export market. The top three exported farmed fish of the country are tilapia, milkfish and barramundi, whose total export value of wholeround and frozen fillet was valued at 97 Million USD in 2020, a drop of 16% compared to 2019.

The average price per kilogram dropped in the range of 5% to 10% for either fillet or wholeround of tilapia, milkfish, and barramundi, with an expectation seen in milkfish fillet. The milkfish fillet is seeing some growth amid COVID-19. According to Taiwan’s Custom data, the total export value of milkfish fillet in 2020 was 637,000 USD (47,200MT), a yoy growth of 109% and 49% respectively. The average per kilogram price in 2019 of milkfish fillet was 9.6 USD, and it was 13.49 USD in 2020, a drastic increase of 40.5%. The main destinations of the fillet are USA, Canada and Hong Kong.
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