On-the-Ground Update

More than 8.5 MMT of grain is planned to be harvested in Belarus in 2021

Dried Common Pea
Canola Seed & Rapeseed
Sugar Beet
Anastasia Shilyaeva
Published Feb 26, 2021
In 2021, the total sowing area of ​​spring crops in Belarus will amount to about 2.36 Mha, including 742.6 Kha of early grain and leguminous crops.
Such indicators are contained in the work plan for the preparation and conduct of spring fieldwork, published by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus.
The document also stipulates that the sowing area of ​​corn for grain this year should be 271.3 Kha, buckwheat - 31 Kha, millet - 7.5 Kha, spring rapeseed - 34.1 Kha, leguminous crops - 313.4 Kha, sugar beet - 97 Kha.
It is noted that when the planned indicators of spring sowing are achieved and taking into account the sowing of winter crops, it is planned that in 2021 Belarus will produce 8.545 MMT of grain, of which 6.57 MMT will be fodder. The gross harvest of rapeseed is planned at 714 KMT, sugar beet - 5 MMT.
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