The price of Ecuadorian Vannamei May Not Increase Until February 2023

Zhen Yang
Published Nov 18, 2022
The Ecuadorian white shrimp market expects a decline in the upcoming months as the demand from the three major markets (China, the United States, and Europe) will decrease significantly. Some producers believe prices will drop due to the demand drop and will not recover until February 2023. Wholesale prices of Ecuadorian shrimp in W45 stood at about USD 0.40-0.90/kg less than in previous weeks, standing at:
USD 4.50/kg for 20/30
USD 3.50/kg for 30/40
USD 3.20/kg for 40/50
USD 3.00/kg for 50/60
USD 2.60/kg for 60/70
USD 2.40/kg for 70/80
USD 2.00/kg for 80/100
USD 1.80/kg for 100/120
USD 1.60/kg for 120/140
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