On-the-Ground Update

Sesame Seed Prices for W47 in China

Sesame Seed
Market & Price Trends
Lei Wang
Published Dec 1, 2022
Due to a lack of demand, sesame seed's price in W47 is low in China. Following are the sesame seed prices:
Tanzania: USD 1,879.86/MT (RMB 13,300/MT)
Ethiopia Grade I: USD 1,879.86-1,908.13/MT (RMB 13,300-13,500/MT)
Ethiopia Grade II: USD 1,837.46-1,865.72/MT (RMB 13,000-13,200/MT)
Sudan: USD 1,766.78-1,795.05/MT (12,500-12,700/MT)
Niger: USD 1,710.25-1,738.52/MT (RMB 12,100-12,300/MT)
Togo: USD 1,738.52-1,766.78/MT (RMB 12,300-12,500/MT)
The price for locally produced sesame is higher. The price for Henan sesame is USD 2,120.14/MT (RMB 15,000/MT), and the price of Anhui sesame is USD 1,978.80-2,007.07/MT (RMB 14,000-14,200/MT). There are few selling opportunities, and the price is negotiable.
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