On-the-Ground Update

Tanzanian Farmers Refused To Sell Raw Cashews at the MAMCU and TANECU Cooperatives’ Auctions

Published Oct 22, 2022
Due to the extremely low buyer bid prices, Tanzanian farmers declined to sell the 2022/23 season's raw cashew nuts at the first auction for MAMCU cooperative union and TANECU cooperative union. In the MAMCU cooperative union, the lowest bid price for 6.5M kg of raw cashew nuts was USD 0.77/kg, and the highest bid price was USD 0.86/kg. Meanwhile, in the TANECU cooperative union, farmers have denied selling 1.6M kg of raw cashew nuts after buyers' bids ranged from USD 0.70/kg, the lowest, to USD 0.86/kg, the highest. The following auction is scheduled for October 28, 2022.
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