On-the-Ground Update

The Export Price of UK Brown Crab Is Slightly Higher Than Irish Brown Crab in W45

Published Nov 10, 2022
The UK and Ireland are two of the main producers and exporters of brown crab (Cancer pagurus), either live, frozen or cooked. The fishing season is going well in both countries, which usually runs from October to January, when the female crabs are full of roe. In W45, the price of brown crab in Ireland is USD 0.50-0.70/kg lower than the UK. The export rates for Ireland origin brown crab stand at USD 8.20–8.40/kg delivered to most EU countries, whereas the export prices from the UK are slightly higher, ranging from USD 8.70-9.00/kg supplied to major European markets. Suppliers believe that the main target markets for each country account for the differences in export prices, with Ireland's target markets being Portugal, Spain, or Italy, while the UK is targeting France, a market that can usually pay more than the southern European nations.
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