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The importance of the Cure for the long-lasting quality of the Sweet potato

Sweet Potato
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Maria Andrade
Published Feb 4, 2022
The cure is a post-harvest process that aims to complete the skin development, with the formation of a corked layer that heals cuts and wounds from the harvesting and at the same time creates a barrier to dehydration and microorganism attacks. It increases the sweetness and the texture of the potato culminating in an overall improvement of the root and unlocking the possibility of storage up to 12 months.

Curing can be carried out in the open field or healing chambers. When carried out in the area, the potatoes are left for eight days on the soil surface, and it is necessary that the nights are cold and that there is no chance of frost occurrences. When performed in a chamber, the cure is processed between 3 to 6 days, under controlled temperature (around 30 ºC) and humidity (85-90%).
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