On-the-Ground Updates

Ukraine/Russia war leads to low demand for exotic fruits in European market

Alicia Abendroth
Published Feb 28, 2022
The tensions in Ukraine have caused nervousness in the EU market. The 24th of February marked the invasion of Russia into Ukraine. The Russian Exchange Index fell by 45.5%, and mainstream European media spoke about the large-scale war.

As a result, Dutch fruit importers are starting to see parallels in the market between this war crisis and the 2020 pandemic crisis. Both crises have resulted in consumer fear and economic slow-down. This leaves Dutch fruit importers weary of the coming weeks of exotic fruits in the market. As the 2020 crisis showed us, when fear and economic slow-down enter Europe, consumers no longer purchase luxury fruits like mangos and avocados. This week, several importers have canceled their loadings of mangos and avocados in origin countries in preparation for a decreased demand due to the new war crisis' at hand.
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