On-the-Ground Update

Unions of Castilla-La Mancha Denounces the Abuse In the Increase of Prices in Products not Related to the War in Ukraine, Spain.

Diana Gomez
Published Apr 1, 2022
The union points out that they have shown an abuse of prices in extra virgin olive oil on the supermarket shelves, taking advantage of the situation of shortage of sunflower oil and the psychosis of shortages. With the olive harvested and already paid to the farmer, with the milling costs incurred, and with the oil in the storekeepers’ warehouses, there is no logic whatsoever to trigger retail prices. The cost of manufacturing this product (manufactured in 2021) has not risen, and there are no expectations of shortages in the short term.

Although it is true that the costs of the current campaign will rise (but there is still no flower on the olive tree, nor therefore fruit, nor therefore much oil to produce or market), today a liter of oil can be found in large areas for a value of USD 8.02 per liter, when a few weeks ago it was USD 4.31/L, it is yet another attack on the farmer, who has liquidated his olives at a price of USD 4.31/L.
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