On-the-Ground Update

Increasing Prices of Vietnamese Bananas in the Second Half of October

Fresh Banana
Market & Price Trends
Thao Nguyen
Published Oct 29, 2022
The price of Vietnamese banana exports increased continuously in the second half of October due to high demand from China. The domestic production of bananas is not enough to cover the demand, so the small farmers are holding their supply to ensure sales at a higher price predicted in the upcoming weeks. Therefore, Vietnamese and Chinese traders have difficulty collecting bananas in the Dong Nai area, which has the most banana quantity in Vietnam. The CIF prices for Vietnamese bananas stood as follows:

CIF price in W41: USD 8.5 per 13kg box
CIF price in W43: USD 9.5 per 13kg box

South Korea
CIF price in W41: USD 10 per 13kg box
CIF price in W43: USD 11 per 13kg box
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