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Huize, Yunnan: own "good stuff" breaks into the big market

Updated Sep 15, 2020
Since the 100 days of poverty alleviation, Huize County, Yunnan Province has aimed at prominent problems and weak links, established 25 county-level combat teams, organized combat teams, increased the rectification of various feedback problems at all levels, and implemented relocation for poverty alleviation. In key projects, we use transfer of employment as the main channel and industrial cultivation as the main engine to comprehensively promote poverty alleviation work. Through relocation of poverty alleviation, Huize has basically solved the problem of "one side can not support the other person". At present, how to cultivate Industry to ensure that the poor people get rid of poverty is the focus of Huize’s current decisive battle against poverty. Grasping characteristics to increase income "One mu of salted soft-seed pomegranate can be sold for more than 20,000 yuan, and this more than 1,200 acres of pomegranate can be brought to the cooperative during the peak production ...
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