Russia has decided to ban the export of chicken meat and eggs

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Published Nov 15, 2023

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The Russian government has implemented a ban on poultry and egg exports in order to address the increasing prices of chicken meat in the country. The Ministry of Agriculture stated that the price increases were primarily due to a drop in production and an increase in production costs. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested importing poultry from neighboring countries to control the price situation, but the devaluation of the Russian currency has not led to an increase in poultry exports.
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The measure was implemented shortly after a government meeting in which Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned the economic logic behind the 27% increase in chicken meat prices in the country in recent months. In an explanatory note to the decision, the Ministry stated that the price increases were mainly associated with a drop in production performance in recent months and an increase in production costs in the context of the weak Russian ruble exchange rate. Independent Russian analysts attributed the price turbulence in the poultry market mainly to a series of bird flu outbreaks recorded in the country this year. “The current situation contributes to the excessive attractiveness of the export of these products [poultry and eggs] compared to supply to the domestic market, which creates a threat to Russia's food security,” the Ministry stated. During the meeting, Putin suggested that the Russian government should intervene to control the price situation, including through ...
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