Russia: Since the beginning of the year, almost 350 thousand tons of grain and products of its processing have been exported from Novosibirsk region

Updated Sep 4, 2021
Since the beginning of 2021, the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for the Novosibirsk Region has issued 7,745 phytosanitary certificates for export to 18 states of consignments of grain and grain products, the total volume of which amounted to 346 thousand tons.This is more than a third more compared to the same period in 2020 - 260 thousand tons. More than half of the volume of shipments falls on wheat - 199.5 thousand tons.
Also, the export volume was made up of nine more agricultural crops, including: peas - 36.3 thousand tons; barley - 31.6 thousand tons; rapeseed - 20.2 thousand tons; sunflower seeds - 19.5 thousand tons; flax - 17.3 thousand tons; soybeans - 6.2 thousand tons, buckwheat - 6.9 thousand tons; oats - 2.1 thousand tons, as well as 84 tons of millet. The export of grain processing products amounted to 6 tons. Among the importing countries are the Republic of Kazakhstan, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, Latvia, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Turkey, Japan, Turkmenistan, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland and Malaysia. Laboratory studies of grain and its processed products sent abroad were ...
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