The price of cabbage in Hungary

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Published Oct 3, 2022

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Cabbage is one of the most versatile vegetables, as it can be eaten sweet, salty or sour, it depends on our taste. In the past, its price could also be tempting, since it was - until now - one of the cheaper raw materials. Not to mention that the iconic stuffed cabbage is a favorite dish of many. However, price increases have not escaped this vegetable either, but it is still considered affordable.

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Cabbage is one of the key foods in the EU, which is well supported by the fact that an average of 3.6-3.7 million tons of it is harvested every year. At the same time, the numbers were not the best for cabbage either, reports AKI. KSH data revealed that Hungary produced the smallest amount of head cabbage in the past decade, 37.2 thousand tons, in 2021. Our country's head and red cabbage foreign trade balance was negative in 2021, the delivered quantity reached 6.92 thousand tons, while 2.24 thousand tons went to foreign markets. In the first half of this year, imports decreased by 38 percent to 2.91 thousand tons compared to the same period last year. Imports also show mixed figures, as they developed in the following countries: from Germany by 31 percent to 1.79 thousand tons, from the Netherlands by 40 percent to 431.8 tons, from Spain decreased by 75 percent to 152.7 tons, at the same time, imports from Poland increased by 9 percent to 352.1 tons. Exports decreased by 1 ...
Source: Magro
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