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W46 Melon and Watermelon: Morocco Limits Watermelon Production, Bolivia Faces Drought Impact, and Myanmar Faces Export Challenges

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Published Nov 23, 2023

Watermelon Cultivation Restrictions in Morocco and Agricultural Crisis in Bolivia Amidst Water Shortages

In W46 in the melon and watermelon landscape, Morocco's government restricts watermelon production to address the water shortage crisis. The governor in Zagora has limited cultivation areas to 1 hectare (ha), extending to all types of watermelon in areas close to drinking water pumping fields. Local authorities have set up committees to monitor the implementation and take legal measures against violators. The Ministry of Agriculture discontinued irrigation subsidies for water-intensive crops in Sep-22. Watermelon exports have been increasing but have slowed in the first six months of 2023 due to climate change and droughts.

Water Scarcity Emergency Hits 40% Watermelon and Melon Production in Omereque, Bolivia

Water scarcity has affected 40% of municipal production in Omereque, Cochabamba, Bolivia, primarily watermelon, grapes, and melon. The drought has caused wells to dry up, causing an emergency for agricultural production and livestock survival.

Myanmar's Conflict Affects Watermelon Exports

Myanmar's war in northern Shan State has prevented watermelons from passing through the Mangman Passage and Qingshui River Port in the Golden Triangle of the Muse 105-yard Border Trade Zone. Myanmar's Ministry of Commerce has advised exporting approved goods through other ports or sea. Watermelon exporters prefer China-Myanmar Zhangfeng-Leiki and Dalok-Mongla ports for large-scale exports. The cost of transportation through Muse-Ruili Port is lower, but Leki Port's high costs may increase watermelon prices.

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