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W47 Avocado Update: Moroccan Avocado Faces Competition From South America

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Published Dec 1, 2023

Moroccan Avocado Faces Competition from South America

As the Moroccan avocado season continues, it faces fierce competition from South American avocados, primarily Colombian. Although the country exported the Hass variety for three weeks with good demand, the supply from Colombia putting downward pressure on prices. Despite the price fall, Morocco exported the same amount of avocados as last season. The demand is expected to rebound on Jan-24. Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany are the primary destinations for Moroccan avocados.

Moreover, the local market is experiencing a price drop due to the high availability of fallen fruits since Storm Bernard hit Morocco. Despite the current price fluctuation, avocado producers in Morocco are optimistic about this season's campaign.

Pot-Grown Avocado Farming in Mexico

Avocado farming in Mexico is implementing a new farming that involves growing avocados in pots. The cost-effective and eco-friendly technique allows farmers to produce up to five times more avocados in the same area than traditional agriculture. A research professor from the College of Graduate Studies in Agricultural Sciences in Mexico confirmed the effectiveness of this new method. The success of this innovative approach has led to its trials in other countries like Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Challenges and Opportunities for Myanmar's Avocado Industry

So far in 2023, Myanmar's avocado exports dropped by 50% in 2023 due to quality issues caused by excessive rainfall and reduced investment in agricultural supplies. Myanmar mainly exports avocados to neighboring countries like China, Thailand, India, Singapore, and Malaysia due to long distances, despite several orders from European countries and Dubai. The Myanmar Avocado Growers, Producers, Exporters, and Sellers Association are actively finding solutions to improve avocado quality and yields and expand the export market.

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