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W5 Mango Update: Peruvian Kent Mango Prices Surge, and Kenya Faces EU Export Hurdles Due to Varietal Preferences

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Published Feb 9, 2024

Peruvian Kent Mango Price Surge Amid Climatic Challenges

In Peru, the Kent mango campaign in Casma, Áncash, commenced with remarkable prices despite climatic challenges, benefiting farmers with significant increases in export and domestic market prices compared to 2023. The fruit scarcity has led to historic prices, reaching USD 2.59 per kilogram (kg) for air export and USD 1.18/kg for sea export, compared to USD 0.39/kg and USD 0.19/kg, respectively, in 2023. National market prices have also surged, with a kilogram now fetching USD 0.91/kg, compared to USD 0.13/kg in 2023. The high demand and limited supply have led to intense competition among exporters, benefiting the local economy. However, overall production in Casma province is only at 15% due to adverse weather, impacting mango cultivation across the region. Despite challenges, there is optimism among producers, who are urged to modernize production methods to mitigate climate-related risks and ensure quality yields.

Kenya Struggles to Restart Mango Exports to the EU, Due to Varietal Preferences

Kenya has yet to resume mango exports to the European Union (EU) despite the lift of a self-imposed ban over two years ago. This delay is due to low demand for the locally grown mango variety, which contrasts with the preferences of European buyers for Alphonso and Kent varieties. The CEO of the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) noted that Kenyan farmers cultivate the local mango variety, which lacks popularity among European buyers, who prefer Alphonso and Kent varieties. Despite Europe being a lucrative market and a major buyer of Kenyan fruits like avocados, pineapples, and vegetables, mango exports to Europe from Kenya remain limited. In 2012, Kenya banned mango exports to the EU due to fruit fly concerns but lifted the ban on Sep-21 after addressing the issue. Mangoes are a significant export for Kenya, with destinations including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In 2021, mango exports totaled USD 10.59 million, making it the second-highest-earning fruit export after avocados. Kenya has expanded its fruit market, initiating exports to Jordan in 2023.

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