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3 of 4 chickens consumed in French restaurants are imported in 2021

Frozen Whole Chicken
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Sandie Vanel
Published Mar 17, 2022
In France, chicken represents more than 75% of poultry meat sales and 90% of imported poultry volumes. These figures reflect that chicken is the most consumed poultry in France and the most imported. Indeed, only one in four chickens consumed in restaurants is French. After an unprecedented decline in 2020 due to Covid-19, French poultry imports recovered at the beginning of 2021 and even largely exceeded their 2019 level in the second half of the year. Imports of chicken meat have increased by 12.1% compared to 2020, and they mainly come from Poland, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

French poultry professionals are calling on the government to take measures to fight against low-cost chicken imports that do not meet the exact requirements as those produced in France and therefore represent a real threat to the French poultry industry. In particular, they encourage the government to generalize transparency on the origin of poultry in the catering industry and the application of mirror clauses on imported products.
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