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Progression of the EU Avocado Market in 2022 March over Time

Fresh Avocado
Market & Price Trends
Alicia Abendroth
Published Mar 21, 2022
A few years ago, the month of March used to be an exciting time in the European Avocado Marketplace. In March, Peru and South Africa would not yet be in full force, Mexico would be fully focused on the US market, Colombia did not yet produce large volumes of fruit, Chile and Israel would be finished, leaving Morocco as the only major avocado producing origin during March. Moroccan producers are accustomed to making EUR 12 to 15 per 4kg box during March. At a record high, a few years back, the Hass avocados achieved over EUR 16 / 4kg box in Rotterdam. Since then, the times have changed; Colombians have increased their total volumes produced, Peru and South Africa are finding ways to grow avocados earlier, and Moroccan growers have increased their total production.

This year, avocados are achieving closer to an average of EUR 9 per 4kg box FOT Rotterdam. Moroccan growers have been holding their fruit on the trees in anticipation of better prices, but Dutch importers do not think they will come this year. Especially with the demand being down due to the crisis in Russia/Ukraine, importers do not expect prices to increase again in March. This gradual decline from EUR 16 to today EUR 9 per 4kg box over the past 5 years is likely to continue. Suppliers worldwide saw the "March-Madness" gap in the market and wanted to obtain those reasonable prices; now, they are suffering the consequences.
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