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Tanzania's Raw Cashew Nut Season Faces Challenges with Decreased Demand and Logistical Hurdles in Nov-23

Raw Cashew Nut
Market & Price Trends
Kinjal Shah
Published Dec 1, 2023
Tanzania's Raw Cashew Nut season started positively in Oct-23, but a lack of interest from global buyers and slow Diwali demand for cashew kernels in India have resulted in decreased interest from Indian processors. Prices have fallen from around USD 1,350 per metric ton (mt) in Oct-23 to a range of USD 1,225 to 1,250/mt in Nov-23 for 52 Kernel Output Ratio (KOR). Exporters encountered challenges at Mtwara port due to delayed vessel arrivals, adding complexity to the situation. The season, initially promising, is now marked by uncertainties in pricing and logistical hurdles.
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