Turkish Dried Fruit Sector Increased Its Exports to Target Markets by 15% YoY In 2022

Alper Akkurt
Published May 3, 2023
While Turkiye's dried fruit exports remained steady at USD 1.57B in 2022, the dried fruit sector achieved a 15% YoY increase in exports from USD 196M to USD 225M to target markets such as the United States, China, Japan, Brazil, India, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In line with the Ministry of Trade's Far Markets Strategy for 2023, the dried fruit sector, which is also included in the strategy, leads the target countries with USD 126M in exports to the United States, while China ranks second with USD 32.7M for Turkish dried fruits. This is followed by Japan, which increased dried fruit exports by 15% YoY to USD 28M, and Brazil, which increased by 55% YoY to USD 23M in 2022 from USD 15M in 2021. In addition, other countries produce more valuable products in the dried fruit sector and make significant exports, with similar strategic actions aimed at being implemented in Turkey.
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