On-the-Ground Updates

The Ministry of Agriculture announced the prices for seeds for the summer season, which begins in May 2022

Market & Price Trends
Amal Abdulkader
Published Apr 7, 2022
The price of single hybrid maize seeds is USD 10.91 for 5kg, while the price of triple hybrids is USD 8.73 for 7kg. The price of cotton seeds of all varieties is USD 16.37 for 24 kilograms, while price for package of 12 kilograms is USD 8.19. The broad-grain rice seeds is USD 13.64 for 25 kg, while prices for fine-grained varieties drop to USD 12.28 for the same weight. The soy seeds price is USD 26.19 for the Giza 111 variety, 30 kg, and a package with weights of 15 kg price is USD 13.10.
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