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The Price of Imported Sesame at the Huangdao Port Was Stable on March 17, 2023

Sesame Seed
Market & Price Trends
Zeling Xue
Published Mar 17, 2023
On March 17, 2023, the price of imported sesame at the Huangdao Port was stable, with few recent transactions and a slow increase in inventory. Under the pressure of high quotations for external futures, dealers do not want to lower the prices.

The price of imported sesame on March 17, 2023 is as follows :
Ethiopian grade 1: USD 2.074k-2.103k/T (RMB 14.3k -14.5k/T)
Ethiopian grade 2: USD 2.06k-2.074k/T (RMB 14.2k-14.3k/T)
Sudan grade 1: USD 2.06k/T (RMB 14.2k/T)
Togo (white): USD 2.03k/T (RMB 14k/T)
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