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Farmgate Maize Prices in Uganda Have Significantly Increased Due to the Use of Hybrid Maize Seeds in Production

Maize (Corn) Seed
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Maize (Corn)
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Stephen Kamau
Published Apr 9, 2023
Uganda experienced a sharp increase in farmgate maize prices from an average of USD 134/MT to USD 482/MT in W14. Though the increase is largely attributed to disruptions in the global grain supply chain, mainly due to the war in Ukraine and the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers in Uganda believe the use of hybrid maize has also contributed significantly to the price increases. For a long time, Ugandan maize farmers have been replanting seeds from previous yields. However, with the introduction of hybrid seeds in production, which have no or less yield when recycled, farmers are forced to buy seeds each season. This is affecting the cost of production and contributing to the current high farmgate prices.
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