On-the-Ground Updates

W51 Price Comparison of UK Brown Crab and Norwegian Brown Crab

Guilherme Rua
Published Dec 22, 2022
The UK and Norway are two of the main sourcing markets for brown crab, along with Ireland. Currently, brown crab is in its mid-season, and the prices from both markets are slightly different, mainly because of the availability of wild stocks and fishing campaigns. Prices of vacuum-packed, cooked, and frozen brown crab from the UK (especially Northern Ireland and Scotland) are approximately USD 8.73/kg and USD 8.94/kg for sizes 400/600 and 600/800, respectively, delivered in Europe. Norwegian suppliers are doing more bulk packing instead of vacuum packing as the price is usually higher by USD 0.21–0.32/kg, with prices delivered in Europe of USD 8.52/kg for sizes 400/600, USD 8.83/kg for sizes 600/800, and USD 9.05/kg for sizes 800+.
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