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World mackerel production has witnessed a fall in production in the last 5 years but the production is expected to recover over the next few years as the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) increases. The top 10 countries contributed 65% to the global mackerel production in 2018 and most of these countries were key players in mackerel trading across the world. This report provides an overview of the global mackerel market landscape, including production, consumption, exports, and imports. The report explains the on-going trends in major mackerel trading countries like the Netherlands (exporter), Japan (giant consumer and exporter), and Iceland (exporter).

Table of contents

Part I - Mackerel Fish (030354) 

1.1 Major Varieties

1.2 Processing of Mackerel

1.3 Processing of Mackerel

1.4 Different Packaging Options for Mackerel

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Production and Consumption

2.2 Mackerel Trade

- Exports

- Imports

2.3 Recent Trends in Major Trading Countries

Part III - Sources 

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