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Giresun nettle received the geographical indication registration certificate in Turkey

"Giresun ısırganı" coğrafi işaret tescil belgesi aldı
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Regulation / Agreement
Apr 6, 2022
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Giresun Agriculture and Forestry Director Muhammed Angın stated that Giresun nettle received a geographical indication registration certificate. Angın, in his written statement, stated that the nettle plant, which is identified with Giresun, was registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office on April 1 as a result of the studies carried out by the institution and received a geographical indication certificate.
Stating that Giresun nettle is a perennial herb that grows in the region and whose Latin name is "Urtica dioica L", Angın said: "The leaves are dark green in color, with a stem, toothed edge and burning hairs. Its flowers are small green in color. The pH level of the soil at the geographical border is 5-7, the annual average rainfall is 1500 millimeters and the average humidity is 80 percent, Giresun nettle is rich in myricetin and naringin. made it happen.” Pointing out that nettle has many health benefits, Angın said, "It contains high antioxidants. It is known that it is good for allergic diseases, relieves arthritis and ...
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