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W36: Mango Update

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Published Sep 14, 2023

In W36 in the mango landscape, fruit crop production in India, including mangoes, has experienced a significant slowdown over the past eight years. The Ministry of Agriculture reported that total fruit production increased by only 17% in the eight years leading up to 2021, a sharp decline compared to the 72% increase in the previous nine years. This slowdown is due to a reduction in fruit cultivation area, which decreased by 2.1% from 7.12 million hectares (ha) to 6.97 million ha between 2013/14 and 2021/22. Farmers are shifting to more profitable horticultural crops due to pests, diseases, low yields, and unfavorable climatic conditions.

Furthermore, the Maharashtra state government has decided to establish a mango board in the Konkan region, including Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts, to support large-scale Hapus (Alphonso) mango cultivation. The board's mandate will include insurance, production enhancement, pest control measures, and research initiatives. The move comes after almost a decade of demands by mango growers in the region. This decision aims to boost mango production, which saw a 15% drop in the 2023/24 season compared to the previous year, and address various issues mango farmers face, including crop insurance and pest damage.

A new variety of mango known as Gourmati or BARI Mango-12 is gaining demand among farmers and consumers in Bangladesh. This late-season mango variety allows consumers to enjoy mangoes until the end of September, unlike others that typically run out by the first week of September. Gourmati mangoes are known for their good quality and have significantly reduced mango imports to Bangladesh. This variety has expanded its cultivation areas in northern regions of Bangladesh, and its popularity continues to grow. However, researchers are working to improve its immunity and resistance to germs.

The Philippines has resumed fresh mango exports to Australia, marking a significant achievement for the country's agricultural sector. Approximately 1.50 thousand kilograms (kg) of Carabao mangoes were exported, marking the first fresh mango export from the Philippines to Australia in a decade. The initiative is forecasted to open new opportunities for the country's mango industry and strengthen international trade bonds.

Lastly, the agricultural sector in Piura, Peru, is facing significant challenges due to adverse weather conditions, including the El Niño phenomenon. This has resulted in anticipated decreases in the production of various agro-export crops such as mangoes, avocados, grapes, organic bananas, and blueberries. Business leaders in Piura reported concerns about substantial losses in the region's agriculture. The Chamber of Commerce and Production has noted that this situation represents the most severe crisis in the area in the past six years.

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